June 7, 2007

It's pretty hard for me to believe that these words are the start of a blog; I'm going to pretend for as long as I can that this doesn't mean I am becoming more accepting of the mainstream world. Blogging in general seems somewhat like TiVoing The Real OC, or being friends with people (things I don't enjoy), so forgive my being glib.

The endeavor itself is the brainchild of my wife, and because she's often right and I do enjoy writing, it seemed like a pretty smart idea. This space will allow me to randomly vent my feelings and thoughts about life and about my ongoing metamorphosis from an inconsistent, immature, and largely irresponisble (yet somehow well liked) young man into a real life adult. This, by the way, probably couldn't come at a better time, as we are about to have our first child at the end of the month.

While writing, I hope to always give you one thing. My complete honesty in all facets of my life. I don't think that my words would feel true otherwise. And while I don't expect anyone to read this site, I will. This fact alone will keep me honest. Self criticism is one of the few things I excel in.

So bear with me while I work out the kinks...


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