March 18, 2009

My Daughter the Elitist

When companies craft commercials, they do so with a target demographic in mind, no? Millions of dollars are spent honing the message in order to get a specific person to open their wallet.

Apparently the people behind The Ladders—who once said their website was “only for 100K plus people”—are still working out their spiel. When we wake up in our house, we have coffee and watch Morning Joe on MSNBC. The Ladders air their commercials often in this time slot. Every time Annie sees the ad with the little dinosaurs running around, she says "blesh you" to the teeny one at the end who coughs. Minutes later, when the spot with the ridiculous hunters lassoing office chairs in Africa airs, Annie puts down her eggies, points at the screen, and laughs at the absurdity of it all.

The idea of commercials is to stop people in their tracks and slap them into attention. Good news for The works. Annie will be sending in her application post-haste.


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