February 1, 2008

Cutting Teeth?

The two oddly shaped translucent spots on Annie’s lower gums appear to be the beginning of her first teeth. The pundits say that there are a few adverse affects that cutting teeth can have on a baby and as of this morning Annie appears to have all of them. She woke up with a low fever (check), slushy poop (check), and a chin covered in drool (and check).

I’ve been expecting her teeth for a while now and we appear to be truly on the precipice. In the grand scheme of things I have no idea what this means other than the chance for her to eat more foods and make me more nervous about it. As long as she continues to sleep at night I can handle anything, although this morning her mood was a little sour for Gymboree. With the rep that Annie has around town this can cause problems. I’m comfortable telling you that people love her. This morning she was a little off (sort of like Bania telling the Ovaltine joke) and her fans were feeling it. We left a trail of woe all over town. So now she’s napping in hopes of recovering in time for Mardi Gras and the super bowl…it’s a big weekend here in the Arklatex…I'll never get tired of saying that.

Believe it or not, this won’t be our first Mardi Gras parade. We went last Saturday, had a great time with friends and we all got to see our first floats. By the time they went by Annie was exhausted and pretty cold and pretty pissed off, but we had fun nonetheless


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