March 28, 2008

A brief glimpse how competitive our childhood was

Dear Joe,

Just a few comments on your 'debunking' rebuttal

1 - Way to turn a fun post of my favorite PJ tunes into antagonistic diatribe..

2 - Omissions? My goal was to rate the best Pearl Jam album ever. And you take me to task for omitting songs that didn't appear on albums? Huh? This is like the Global Warming Alarmist Community (GWAC) omitting from all their research the wide historical variations in climate over the past millennia. Oh wait, they do that, bad example.

3 - You said, "a group of people that hears a song on a commercial, or waiting in line for their caramel macchiato, and downloads just one lone track." Right, that group of people takes a period of 10-14 days to graph out Pearl Jam tracks? Nice try - you and I both know that isn't me.

4 - I personally feel you put way too much stock in lyrics. What good is the poetry if the sound isn't that good. Comatose and Severed hand don't sound good. If you want me to rate the message of each song, I will do that at a later time. Bottom line - great tune plus great lyrics = the best song. Great lyrics and bad tune = meh. Great tune and bad lyrics = good. The latter is how Tom Petty made his living you know.

4b - You on No Code: "thing takes on a very introspective feel, and beginning to end you should be able to sit with this one and feel more connected to the band than on any other effort they make" and "You can spend your time alone/Re-digesting past regrets, oh/Or you can come to terms and realize/You're the only one who can't forgive yourself oh/Makes much more sense, to live in the present tense. C'mon.". C'mon? I get the message man, but I prefer the music part of it. It is a slow PJ song where the lyrics are better than the instruments.

5 - You on Vs. "My issue with it is that it gets caught between Grunge Pearl Jam (Ten) and Groundbreaking Pearl Jam (Vitalogy)." How can album be caught between? It is good or it's not good. The music stands on it's own. The band isn't sitting there saying, "hmm, lets not be Grunge lets try for something new".

Anyway, the main point of the two posts to non-PJ listeners should be a positive message. Any PJ album can be "the best" depending upon what type of mood you are in on any given day.

There is no bad PJ album.


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