March 19, 2008

STM 2008; Housecleaning

It's Thursday morning and I face certain death in five hours. Kidding, but you know how I feel about flying. We leave for Washington, DC today for my wife's interviews with some big ol' lawfirms. I probably should be concerned with how nervous it would make someone to have five half-day interviews in the course of three days, however I am more concerned with how to get two bourbons in me before our first flight, when the Shreveport airport has no bar.

The short of it is that I may be offline (decided not to bring the laptop) for five days or so. I will see if my baseball field reporter will check in about Yankees training camp while I'm away. If he is busy than I can rely on the guest writing of my incredibly eloquent and honest mother. Maybe she can tell you about the great "Desitin Fight" of my youth, or the nightly sightings of aliens that I would scream and climb the walls over. If they are both busy than you will have to check in daily to look at the beautiful video of Annie, or her butt.

I do have a quick update on Sleep Training Month '08. Things are finally progressing. Two nights ago Annie woke only once and that was at about 3:00. She went back to sleep after about 30 minutes of the five minute tackle method. Then, last night she didn't wake up on until 5:30. To top it off, I only tackled her twice and she went right back to sleep. I hate to think that the end is in sight, what with a week in an unfamiliar place ahead of us, but I think the end is in sight.


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