March 1, 2008

Mom shopping?

Annie and I went to Target yesterday for some baby essentials (diapers, wipes, formula [generic], and puffs [I'll explain]) and couldn't believe how many other mom's and babies were there. Every time we turned down and aisle we bumped into some cute little baby looking out with wonder from their shopping cart perch. If there were more stay at home dads in this world, Target would definitely be the place they would go to pick up girls. That's not how Annie and I role, but we certainly will take all of the compliments we get as we stroll around.

On the way out of the store we got caught in a rain storm, and as I was unprepared, I did the gentlemanly thing and gave my lady my sweatshirt to keep dry.

Okay, so the puffs are a kind of transitional food for babies that are meant to teach them the art of the pincer grasp and the more subtle art of not choking. They dissolve easily once coated in saliva, which is perfect for a baby that drools as much as Annie, and tend not to kill babies. The good news is that they were a huge hit and when mom and I took Annie out for dinner last night (at a moderately adult restaurant) the puffs kept her amazingly preoccupied. She was so well behaved and happy that she captivated everyone in the place including our local State Senator Buddy Shaw, who came over to do a little baby kissing. That's networking at its best.


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