February 18, 2008

Technology, who needs it?

Last week, while getting ready to catch up current events (knitting and quilting blogs), my wife angrily discovered that our laptop forgot it had a built in wireless card. In the span of just a few minutes it failed to recognize the internet unless it was plugged into the modem directly. This is very annoying. Whenever we have used the computer for the last week we have been sitting in the same spot on the couch with our Ethernet cord turned leash plugged into the modem. After some research we found out that almost all of the HP DV6000 and DV9000 (ours) were having the same issue. It has gotten to the point that they are now repairing the issue for free and in our case my often very persuasive wife got them to give us a new two year total protection warranty. Law school, I am finding out, gives a person many advantages.

The point of me telling you about our computer problems is that I will be without pc for about two weeks. I know that ya'll have come to expect periodic pictures of Annie, but you will have to try something new out for a while. Isn't that what life is all about? I have lined up some guest writers while I am away, beginning with the woman who started it all. My mother will be posting on Wednesday, followed by an all-star lineup every other weekday until I am back. My guests are free to post about whatever they feel like: Shreveport, Grandmothers, child rearing, The Wire, Me, the many consistencies of poop, Annie of course, etc. You get the idea.

This will all be overseen by older brother Louie. As Editor in Chief of Unfinished Dad he will be endowed with more power than I'm sure he ever imagined for himself. He has carte blanche to do whatever he wants with the sight. I, for one, think it would be interesting if he changed the look of things around here. Good luck Lou!

I will be checking in periodically from the stellar business center here at Riverwalk. However, if the two computers they have are being used by teenage girls checking their Facebook pages, I may not post for a while.

I'll leave you with two pictures of Annie. She has taken to sitting up in her crib when she wakes up now. Next she'll be climbing out of there I guess.


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