February 4, 2008

Rare photo snapped in Shreveport

A never before photographed smile was captured for the first time on Monday afternoon in the Clyde Fant section of Shreveport, Louisiana. The subject, Annabelle Poulas, who is thought to possess the mythical thousand ship launching face, has secretly developed a new smile over the previous weeks. The smile itself is thought to be part nose scrunch, part open mouthed gape, and is rumored to only be coaxed by a person who knows how to mimic the unusually full faced grin. As with all of the perplexing phenomena that this world has to offer, the possessor of the rare photograph can only provide us with a grainy, poorly focused example of the subject. The man, who has asked to remain anonymous so as not to hamper his ability to gather further documentation, urges us to remain fixedly tuned in.


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