February 12, 2008

Season Five, Episode Six

Until I’m captivated again, my Wire posts will lean towards the shorter end of things. Needless to say, I’m still not sold on the Jimmy plot (he kidnapped a handicapped homeless dude for Omar’s sake), Templeton is a tool, and David Simon’s transparent vendetta bores me to tears. There, I said it. I think I might rewatch season one and review that. At least Simon and I would have our mojo back.

Now that I have that out of my system, there were a couple of things in episode six that need talking about. The first is Chris Partlow manning up and telling Marlo that they just flat missed their chance at killing Omar. Marlo received the news relatively well (he was sufficiently stumped by the Batman scenario), but I look forward with much excitement to see if Marlo moves against him for his error. It would be an obvious mistake on Marlo’s part because he will never find a more reliable henchman then Chris. Given the fact that the Co-Op knows he killed Prop Joe and that while taking over sole possession of the Greek heroin he just raised the price for the rest of Baltimore, Marlo will need all the help he can muster in the coming weeks.

Also in episode six, a scene took place between Lester and Rhonda Pearlman, where she walked in on him executing his illegal wiretap on Marlo. He wouldn’t have gotten caught, she had no reason to look into his secret room, but he would have missed out on some solid info over the wire. Lester very calmly told her that Sydnor was about to bring in a new CI (sorry, criminal informant) and Rhonda immediately thought that by dropping in unannounced she had compromised their investigation of Clay Davis. It was a quick thinking and brilliant move. Lester is off the deep end, just like Jimmy, but he seems like so much less of a maverick. He maintains an air of dignity while breaking the rules, while Jimmy continually moves in a cloud of shit.

The rest of episode six moved predictably, with Super Omar killing multiple people while hobbling around Baltimore on a makeshift push broom crutch, and Lester getting a little closer to Marlo. I wonder if Omar will help on this front like he has in the past.

Lastly, the opening quote was credited to Lester. Not only was it too mundane to mention, but the wife and I didn’t even hazard a guess on account of general boredom and disinterest.

Doubting, but wishing for vintage Wire,

Unfinished Dad, S’port, La.


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