February 27, 2008

Back from the dead...

My laptop from HP that is (with a face lift I might add, thanks to our new found accident protection plan) and me from the stomach bug that Annie gave me, that her uncle Steven gave her, that his sister Emily gave him, that Emory University and shared beer pong cups gave her. The circle of life is beautiful, no?

Well, I got a little excited about having my computer back and I jumped the gun on my old friend Mike's initial post on The Wire. Here I was thinking that he needed a little help getting started, and while I was doing that he was composing a considerably funnier initial comment than I had in me. So I will post it below and we can move on from there as if my impatience hadn't somehow trumped his genius.

When I find the words I will properly thank my contributors from the last two weeks, but for now let me say that their words meant more to me personally than they did to this space.

Thanks guys, and gals.

Oh, and don't worry about Mike, he lived under power lines when he was a kid.

Dear Joe,

This is your loyal and apparently slow witted reader from Rockaway, NJ who turned you onto "The Wire".

For those readers who are unaware, at the beginning of each episode of the Wire, a quote is posted on the screen with the name of the person who gave it. In a conversation with the Unfinished Dad, I asked him how they were playing this guess the quote game. "How were they guessing who gave the quote with out seeing the name? Were they somehow blocking the screen? Had they measured the exact spot were the quote would appear and taped up a piece of paper?

It took me a while to pick up the rest of the cards, but I am now playing with a full deck. I realize that you are not guessing who gave the specific quote, but who was going to give a quote. That's probably as clear as mud to those reading, but let's move along.

I am writing in to get your thoughts on Season 5, Episode 7 of the Wire or as I will call it "The End of Omar's Wisdom".

I'm not sure if you want to write a recap of the episode for the readers, but I'm just going to fire away with my questions.

Let's start out with the biggest event of the episode: OMAR is dead! I'll say it again. OMAR is DEAD! The baddest man in all of Baltimore...


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