February 27, 2008

The best episode yet...this season


It's Wednesday afternoon and neither of us have yet put pen to paper regarding our favorite show of all time. Do you still think so? Sunday night's episode deserves more. For the first time this season David Simon brought us to the place that we have loved for four seasons, and at least in your case, multiple years. For my money, it is also the first time this year that anything "real" happened.

Omar, who you know is my favorite character, finally caught a bullet someplace fatal. He has avoided death these past seasons by being the baddest man in town, but also being very lucky...and most recently with the ability to fly. Do you think that this was an appropriate way for my man to die?

Also, Jimmy (my one time favorite character) exhibited a growing sense of doubt for the ridiculous homeless serial killer plot. He is starting to tell people close to him which will almost inevitably lead to his downfall. As he told the two FBI guys in Quantico in response to their goofy boss's place in the Uni bomber case, "Wasn't it his brother who turned him in?" So who will it be, Greggs or Beadie?

Okay, that's three questions so far. Add to this your overall impressions on the episode and we have four.

Mourning Omar,



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