July 30, 2008

Two No More!

At about 14 hours old Two has grown into a name:
Matilda Claire Poulas


Blogger marcia said...

Welcome to the world, Ms. Matilda Claire! Congratulations, Kristen and Joe. Hope I get to see you and your two precious girls before too long!

July 30, 2008 at 9:33 AM  
Blogger DoulaMomma said...

Yay! I blogged Matilda - let me know if that's NOT ok! Congrats again!

July 30, 2008 at 5:18 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for your family. Molly can't wait to have a play date with Annie AND Matilda when you all come back to DC.

July 31, 2008 at 8:17 AM  

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