December 11, 2008

STW 2008 Night 3

Three days into Sleep Training Week 2008, and here I sit in my pajamas at 2:10 PM. Last night was both successful and unsuccessful. Matilda went down to sleep more calmly than usual and didn't really make a sound until just after midnight. This is a longer first stretch than she has had of late, and with it came an old fear. You get very used to hearing your children. People often talk about the theory that when they are silent they are getting in the most trouble. I don't have too much experience with this yet, but I can tell you that when your children don't make a sound at night, you always think the worst.

One of the very strange effects of sleep training with Annie was that I began to miss spending the very personal time with her that was our middle of the night feedings. I'm determined not to get caught up in this with Tilda. However, last night when she woke up just an hour into my beauty rest, I was something less than distraught about going up to see her. She was, naturally, alive and well, and eagerly awaiting my arrival. Not to worry, I was completely distraught at 5 O'clock when I had to get up again.

I'm not sure if there were and tangible victories in sleep training last night. We will see tonight if the quiet beginning was a fluke or a byproduct. So far I would say that the best part about STW 2008 is that Annie has finally gotten used to Tilda's crying and no longer wakes up every time her sister does.

Tonight we move to 30 minutes--25 seems pointless--an interval that really started to get results with Annie. I'm torn about this. My wife has her holiday party at the Law Firm and is sure to be home quite late. Consequently, I will most likely deal with the first 30 minute stretch all by my lonesome. I may need a beer.

I have an added bonus for you today. Anyone who can properly guess what the below picture depicts gets a special prize from the Unfinished Dad vault. I'll give you a hint, the prize does involve time with children and does not involve time with me.


Blogger Dani said...

I got it! That is one of those little star treats made by Gerber that melt in your mouth. The ones that Annie went nuts over... What were they called? Puffs? I'm pretty sure Annie was weened off of them months ago, which must mean that Tilda is ready for them already?? And since it is underwater I'm thinking that maybe Annie got really excited to see her old friends again and in a fit of rage upon being told no, threw one in the dog bowl, sink, or other body of water. Send those babies my way!

December 12, 2008 at 2:32 PM  
Blogger Lizzie G said...

I thought "Puffs" as well but in the toilet bowl!

December 13, 2008 at 1:28 PM  

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