December 15, 2008

VICTORY! cont'd

Okay, let's jump right into the meat of this. Unbelievably, Tilda was a harder nut to crack than Annie was as far as sleep is concerned. By the time we reached our fourth night, Annie gave up and slept for twelve hours. Tilda on the other hand, cried for over an hour on Saturday night and I still had to feed her. Consequently, before we put her down last night I was a little nervous.

These weren't the same old nerves about knowing that I would be up four times in a night. These were the nerves that come from knowing that you are going to have to listen to your daughter cry for, what, and hour and ten minutes? That is a stupid number. There is no way I was prepared to go over an hour. Instead, my plan was to continually give her a pacifier and a kiss until she fell asleep--no matter how long it took.

Instead, when I heard a cry at 6:08 it was Annie and not Tilda. Life isn't perfect, I guess. Everything worked out well thought, because there aren't many things I enjoy more than a little sleep time with my baby. Pretty soon, Annie will be in bed with us, and I will be sneaking upstairs to steal some Z's with her sister.

NB: I should have been much more excited about this post. After all, my new life (fingers firmly crossed) has begun. However, tonight was budget night, blech, and I'm on a post money talk low.


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