February 2, 2009


Okay, so secretly I dislike most people I don't know. This isn't the place to go into it, but I especially dislike people who have loud, neanderthal-like conversations while sitting in a public place like Starbucks. This guy next to me is in the middle of a pitiful attempt to woo the girl sitting with him. In an act of passive retribution for my having to suffer through this, I am posting his portion of the conversation here. Sorry King Kong loving, boxing guy.

Yeah, it’s cool. She lives like 15 minutes from me. I don’t think I could have her right down the hall, or definitely not living with me. I could never do that.

I started Boxing, but it sucks, you can’t workout when you are doing it, because you can mess up your muscles working too hard.

I go to Eastern Market a lot, and I want to buy this expensive painting there. I’m not so good with money. So, am I too young to buy like a $250 painting?


Yeah, a fajita combo plate. Word. Sweet.

So, yeah, the painting, I love it. It’s of King Kong. But, it’s cool. And it’s worth 500, so I could just sell it later.

Nah, that’s good dude. You need some You time! A year is a long time.

Damn Dude, it’s like you’re fourteen. (This was said in reference to the girl he was sitting with saying she still has to sneak out of her house at 25)

Man, that looks like one comfy ass coat.

Do you want to walk a little bit? Where’d you park? Hey, do you like Hot 99.5? The samples they play of Michael Jackson are money.


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