March 31, 2008

Rival's Kind Words

Dear Joe

Wanted to write in and applaud you for you efforts on the PJ compilation. I had the pleasure of listening several times and it is a truly wonderful set list of some of the best PJ songs ever created. The flow is logical yet raw enough to keep the listener interested to see what's next.

I only question 2 things, and 1 one is a matter of personal preference and shouldn't factor much into the equation.

1) I though your set ended a bit slow and dark even - Immortality, Fatal, Present Tense. This is just a matter of preference though - and whatever PJ does for you is ok in my book. Eddie mostly bring me joy/happiness so I chose to end on a more positive note.

2) While Light Years is a heck of song, I think it was a stretch to put on this 'album'. Especially next to MFC. Not that MFC shouldn't be on the album, but it was more of an obscure selection and fronting it with Light Years took away from it a bit. If for instance, after listening to Corduroy, MFC came on it would have brought a huge smile to my face. Instead, I was looking for a huge comeback after Light Years.

I think I made a similar questionable song selection with Evacuation and Given to Fly back to back.

Finally, I find it interesting that we both seem to have the same idea with the first 5 songs. I deliberately tried to increase tempo song after song: Release, I am Mine, Marker in the Sand, Porch, Animal - so much so you should feel mentally exhausted after Animal. I then brought us back down to a normal pulse with I Got Shit and Fatal.

You did something very similar, but instead of tempo, it was a focus on song quality - I Got Shit, Life Wasted, I am Mine, Marker in the Sand, Corduroy - and brought us back down from heaven (can't stay there too long!) with Light Years.

Anyway - Bravo!


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