May 13, 2008

The Slot

Think of a list of things that bore you most. Have you got it? I can help you if you like. When I here or see something I hate I will tell my wife to “get out my list,” i.e., “Get out my list of things that bore me to tears and put Grey’s Anatomy on it.” Okay, so you now see how the game works and I can give you something to add to your own personal boredom list…Unfinished Dad’s golf quest.

In the up and down world of my mission to become a better golfer, I am often presented with the option of packing it in and breaking my clubs in two, or dipping my clubs in gold and mounting them over the mantel. Today was a golden golf club mantel day. Uncannily though, I can have a club breaking day and a golden club day back to back. This happened last week when my bi-polar game took me from outright bragging to anyone that would listen, to coming home the next day in a horrible mood and basically sabotaging a great night out with my family.

So today was one of those breakthrough days where everything just…clicks. We all have them no matter what we are endeavoring to master. You may be sitting at your pc right now celebrating your record breaking moment of data entry speediness. I can see you; you’re a blur of clicks and keys. You’re mastering the number pad without looking, aren’t you? I can also see you spreading that new mulch you bought at the garden center. Are you the only one basking in the joy of how good those red maple trees look in contrast to that rich, black mulch? Does it matter?

My point is that despite your inevitable boredom you may just have to deal with it. Because while I’m celebrating a golf swing that found its slot today, you are celebrating a new chord you learned, or a pristinely vacuumed carpet that has the brush marks in it like a freshly mown Yankee Stadium. Wait, that last one is me too.


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