May 2, 2008

We're not in Shreveport anymore

I have spent the last two hours toggling between a map of Shreveport on my new favorite website, and reading golf club reviews. I’m frantically checking the weather, because a tornado touched down just to the west of here and I don’t trust the construction of this apartment to keep me and Annie safe. I’m frantically reading golf club review because my instructor Chandler finally came out with it and told me that I’m not a strong enough player for the irons I own.

You can view the map in all of its glorious detail here. We are just to the east of the number 73, in between Youree Drive and Barksdale Blvd. And I’ll spare you the task of looking at the golf clubs that I want, because as my wife said last night, “There’s always another club, isn’t there?”

Let me dispel a quick myth for you Northerners. What do they tell you to do when a tornado rolls through your town? It’s simple, they tell you to take Toto and go down into the cellar. Well guess what? Louisiana doesn’t have cellars. That’s right; it’s a state without basements. The advice that they give you is to get in your bathtub and pull a mattress on top of you. I’m just guessing, but that may work for scattered debris, I doubt that it somehow protects you from flying off, baby in arm, into the lower atmosphere.

I will keep you posted, and as of 1:57 were are simply in a tornado watch, but if we get upgraded to a warning it’s “All babies into the tub!” That means you too Zoe.


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