April 17, 2008


If you will kindly look to your right, you'll notice that the two competing Pearl Jam playlists have been taken down. I have done this for three reasons: One, I wanted to play more with my new toy, two, you seem quite bored with the indundation of Pearl Jam, and three, to cut the voting short, assuring my victory.

In their place you will find a new player. A parenting decision that my wife and I have made is that Annie will not watch tv (except for PTI). A consequence of this is that we listen to a lot of music, which is something I love. However, a problem arose after a few months...the music in my library got stale, so I have been buying up music at a frantic pace. There have been a lot of great finds and some real clunkers, but the excitement of discovery is what it's all about.

Each week I'm going to throw up five songs for your perusal. They won't all be new to me, but they will be tunes that Annie and I have on heavy rotation. Enjoy.


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