April 17, 2008

Doing the three things I love

The Wife is out with the other wives tonight pretending to play Bunco and drinking margaritas. Their shindig gives me some rare alone time at night. I’m dvr-ing The Office, 30-Rock, Scrubs and Eli-Stone so that we can watch them later, and in the meantime I’m getting some writing done, so this post will be short. It feels very strange to post at a time other than Annie’s nap. I can’t get used to the idea of not being up against a deadline.

I spent the day taking a golf lesson in the morning and cooking all afternoon. The lesson was great, although I’m always humbled when in the presence of someone who really hits a golf ball. This does two things to me: It reinforces the excitement I feel when I improve, and totally depresses me, because I will never, I mean never, hit them like Chandler. In an attempt to remedy this, we are next week going to film my swing and dissect the hell out of it. I find myself contemplating whether this is such a good idea. It’s kind of like having a girlfriend who you know is cheating on you and just as you open her diary you wonder to yourself if it’s really worth knowing how bad it is.

The cooking I was doing was a great beef stew that is made up of 12 cups of various mushrooms (the dried porcini soaked broth is best) and 4 cups of baked red onions with some rosemary and parsley. Simple and yummy. After that I had to make the guacamole for Bunco night, because had my wife made it last night it would be brown and wet. Plus I love making guacamole…one spoon in the Tupperware, one spoon in the belly.


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