April 11, 2008

Hammer and Sickle

Yesterday someone posted a comment on Unfinished Dad in Spanish. I could only pick up on a few of the words due to the fact that my high school wasn’t the best academically. Over four indistinguishable years of Spanish I was allowed to skate by on a few curses and the ability to quickly write the answers on my desk before every test. First I tried to translate with some Spanish to English online dictionaries, and then I remembered that my sister-in-law (who is a rock star and who I look up to as if she were a face on Mount Rushmore) is fluent in Spanish and has spent a significant amount of time in Central America. Her translation didn’t mean much, the author is basically spamming for hits on his blog, but the implications are far reaching. Let’s just say I’ve somehow found my niche.

From what she could glean from the babblings of Colonel Almodiga Batista (that has a nice ring to no?) my new found audience is none other than those fun loving communists that are still dispersed throughout the world. Now, I’ve told you that I love tracking my readers through Google Analytics and yesterday we here at Unfinished Dad experienced a bubble. On a normal day, 15 to 20 of you log on, mostly from the United States, and check in on Annie and me. However, yesterday there were 39 visitors from 13 different countries. While perusing this list, some classic socialist states appear prominently: Russia, Czech Republic, Germany and Argentina. How can I explain this?

The only guess I will hazard is that on Wednesday I was referred to as General Poulas by my wife, and somewhere out there in some socialist corner of the world, millions of people are being paid identical wages (very low I’m sure) to identify like minded bloggers. Once your General (it sounds better when you replace the English G with an H) was unveiled to the rest of the world, his words just spread like proletariat wildfire.


Blogger Baseball Lab said...


Our HS was in the top 1/4 of NJ when we went there. Because your teacher was too stupid to see you were a cheater, doesn't mean it was a bad academic school.

April 14, 2008 at 8:23 AM  

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