June 9, 2008

Golf Day

Mondays are now officially my golf day. I’ve never had a specific day of the week that I played a round of golf before. But then again, I’ve never had a regularly scheduled babysitter either. So, the golf happens thanks to Bre, the babysitter. I have been having trouble putting my finger on it, but something about heading out every Monday morning alone to hit the course doesn’t quite feel right.

Part of it is guilt that I have this incredibly time consuming job that essentially boils down to twenty-four hours a day of work, and yet I still have this gift of golf. I think that anyone out there with children will tell you that it can sometimes feel like a thankless job, especially if you also cook and clean every day. It gets so that you feel as if you should always be in stay-at-home-dad mode. I find that when I take time for myself (a reasonable thing, no?) I have a complex about someone (my wife first, my in-laws second) thinking that my life isn’t difficult enough.

I won’t have to worry about this much longer though, as in six weeks two major aspects of my life will change. First and foremost, baby number two will be here—we affectionately call her Annabelle II. From what I can tell, I actually have had it easy. Once you double the workload the rounds of golf disappear. I’m sure I will still get to hit a few balls, but nothing like this.

The second major change is one that pains me to think about. The cheap golf is about to end. The course I play is one of the best around and I play it for $29 dollars. If you live in the Northeast I’ll give you a second to wipe off the coffee you just spilled on your shirt. When we get to New Jersey a comparable course will cost $90 on a weekday and $110 on weekends. That makes Monday golf unreasonable.

The bottom line is that I better get over the guilt and enjoy the wonderful help from Bre and the sunny, cheap golf from Louisiana. I’d prefer not to think about how much a trustworthy, two day a week babysitter will cost in New Jersey.

On a related note, my love for golf pales in comparison to a gentleman I hit with today. He plays five days a week and he has the game and the custom golf cart to show for it. I would say that he shot about 85 today, despite tiring on the back nine. What made his 85 so special was the blue handicapped flag on his cart. On every shot he walked to his ball with the use of a cane, and two very large kneee braces. Oh, and he was about 65 years old. So I may love golf, but I'm not so sure I'd be getting up every morning to go through the pain he must have felt out there today. I will forever get a lot of joy picturing him with his wooden cane hanging from his back pocket while he putted.


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