August 7, 2008

Montville Community Park

Every town has its share of playgrounds, and we have a very nice (shady) one here in West Caldwell. Lately though, we have been hearing rumors of the biggest, baddest playground around. Today we decided to go and check it out for ourselves. Unlike many things in life, the Montville Community Park did not disappoint. Not only did it have the best playground any of us had ever seen, it also had a great soccer field, a youth center (not sure what that is), a sweet bocce court (on which we witnessed a rousing game between various "seniors" being cheered on exuberantly by a large group of random kids), and a huge community garden.

Our trip happened to be highlighted by two people that we met. The first was an au pair, who when seeing Matilda in my wife's wrap, asked if "it was a dog." Sure to be one of her life's highlights.

The second person was our new friend Jon, a great six year old (pictured on the rope pyramid) who showed us around and bravely took on the park's largest elements. When we were leaving I asked him if he ever thought Annie would be six years old and he said, "Yes, but it's going to be hard." I wonder if he has any sense of his prescience.


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