October 7, 2008

Some People Just Rock

I like to think of myself as a pretty solid all around guy. After 32 years I am finally beginning to understand where my specific talents lie. I am great with people--if there were a job in which I just got to schmooze all day I would be CEO--and I am very good at rearing children. However, I am not very good at math and I am the worst salesman you will ever meet. Writing, well, we are taking a wait and see approach on that one.

My wife however, is good at everything she attempts. When we first met, I knew she was gifted in school and on the beer pong table, and as our relationship has progressed I have had the pleasure of witnessing her uncanny creativity first hand. She picked up knitting in hours, and was soon making clothes for Annie. She picked up quilting just as quickly, and now she makes quilts for friends who pop out babies.

Recently she entered a growth chart that she made for the girls in a contest on Ohdeedoh. You know what, she got second place. You can view her work here, and here. Oh, and I know I'm biased, but the winner used a pattern for her jumper, which was admittedly beautiful. Where are the originality scores?

So, kudos to you Kristen. May I one day have your ability to see something and follow through on it exactly as planned.


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