October 16, 2008

Write In

When you are standing in the voting booth on November 4th will you have known which lever/button/chad you are going to push for days/weeks/months? I grew up a Republican in Northern New Jersey and am married to a Democrat who went to NYU Law School. I know, life is interesting. As I've aged, my affiliation with the Republican party has faded almost as quickly as my affiliation with the Catholic Church. No, I'm not a Democrat, far from it (I think). It has taken me a while to get where I am, but I am now a staunch Independent. As such, I truly don't know who I'm going to vote for in two and half weeks.

On the surface Obama seems like the natural choice, but as this video shows, there's just something off about him. I'm kidding, of course. The only real issue I have with him is that he will almost certainly raise my (wife's) taxes. I tend not to believe his 250 thousand dollar a year spiel. McCain on the other hand is my kind of guy. If we weren't in a two party system he would almost certainly be a staunch Independent just like me. Alas, he is now a stooge for the Republican machine, so I think he's pretty much out of the picture based solely on his rather timely spinelessness.

So what is a smart, independently minded, handsome guy to do when he needs to make an informed choice? It's really quite an easy question when you think about it. He should vote for the candidate that has the guts to be himself. He should vote for the candidate who is socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and beholden to no one. He should vote for the candidate who unites races, religions, and lifestyles. He should write in Michael Bloomberg.

Don't waste your vote on a candidate your not sure of. Don't waste your time adhering to a broken system that creates candidates based solely on the money they can raise or the corporations they have in their pocket. McCain is right, Washington is broken, but it isn't "insiders" that need to be cleaned out, it's Republicans and Democrats. I can't believe in anyone who agrees with his party 100 percent of the time like our two candidates do. Where is the honesty and ability to think freely in that?

I didn't even know how disgusted with this whole process I was until I started writing, but now I want to vomit. Write in Michael Bloomberg or your own moral equivalent. Your vote doesn't matter if you live in New Jersey anyway, and for those of you in a swing state you can at least wake up in the morning knowing that you made an actual choice. You bucked the system and voted with your heart. Anyone can tell me if they prefer Peanut M&M's to Milk Chocolate M&M's, but can you tell me what your favorite candy in the whole world is? Figure out what that candy is (um, Butterfinger) and write that candy in.

As for me, my favorite candy is Mike Bloomberg and if he were here now he would be crushing Obama and McCain in these silly faux-debates. Forget that he is an economic genius and that with the state of our economy he would be a lock for President. Instead, think of a time in your life that you answered a difficult question with the confidence that you were answering it based on what is in your heart and not based on what a bulging, archaic group of homogeneous politicos told you was in your heart.


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