December 23, 2008

New Jersey Christmas

We left Chevy Chase this morning in that hour between when footfalls behind you make your heart skip a beat and when you realize those same steps are just your neighbor taking out the garbage. Everything is different when you are outside two hours before dawn. I was loading the car when Annie's learning puppy started singing one of her Broadway style tunes and I nearly found myself using one of the many diapers I happened to have handy.

It looks like we got out just in time too. I'm not sure I have ever seen anything like this. The folks caught in this impromptu river must be counting their lucky stars tonight.

The trip back today was a good one for a couple of reasons, most notably that it didn't take seven hours. But also because neither my wife nor I found ourselves crammed into the 11 inch space that passes for the back seat of our Mazda 3. Annie kept her cool for most of the four hour trip (five if you include the snack/diaper break) and we water main surfed into town feeling good about a road trip for the first time in months.


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