December 29, 2008


There’s a lot of talk around here about how to get a baby to sleep longer. It seems every other month I’m writing about STW this or STW that. No one ever talks about how to wake a baby. From what I can gather in speaking to other parents, getting your kids to sleep through the night is no more difficult than say, doing the dishes, or brushing your hair. Everyone else’s little babies go to sleep both willingly and often. Since mine don’t do this, I thought we might talk about the little understood art of baby waking.

This was going to be today's post. Then, true to form, Annie woke up before it got going. It was to be filled with witty, ironic ways of waking children. Such favorites as napping, blogging, cleaning and watching re-runs of Top Gear would have made appearances. I was to come back to this post tonight, but my wife got home late from work. So, Tilda went to bed at 7:00, then Annie went to bed at 8:00 in order to spend some QT with her mother. By the time I was done cleaning up after dinner I realized that the can of formula I had would not make it through the night. The time was 10:21 and the night was already over. I got back from Giant at 10:47. A quick switch of the laundry. A lickity-split setting of the coffee pot...And Good Night.


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