February 19, 2009

The Cheeks Have It

Matilda and Annabelle have been compared in more ways than you could imagine. I've thought a lot about their poop cycles, their sleep cycles, their respective bald spots, and the size of the fat rolls on their thighs. What I have found is that for the most part, they do almost everything completely opposite of one another. Tilda poops once a day; Annie pooped three times a day. Tilda's bald spot was on the back of her head; Annie's was in the front. Tilda sleeps through the night; Annie...

There happen to be many times where people tell me they look exactly alike. The picture that my wife took of Tilda this week (the one where she looks like Alex Karras) made me think of one of my favorite photos of Annie. They happen to be the same age, so they are sitting in the same position. After close review on my part, I think their eyes are the only major difference, with the cheeks being the best and most similar feature between them.


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