September 24, 2007

A big day

Annie and I had a big day today by the time the clock struck 8:30. For the second time ever and for the first time captured on film, Annie rolled over! I was sitting on the floor with her and had a hunch that she had the energy to pull off the feat. I quickly grabbed my cell phone to capture the moment for Grandmas Liz and Kathy. Since we don't have a camcorder yet, this was the best I could do. I don't even think my mother will be able to pull the video up, but oh well. Rolling over is the first big physical frontier that we have crossed and it has me looking down the road to Annie's first steps.

It is a pretty scary thought for me to picture her moving around whenever and wherever she wants. Right now I am pretty overwhelmed and to this point I am just a basic caregiver. Soon I will have to be her educator and navigator for the world. Huh, I have some trouble navigating it myself, and I definitely was brought down some inconsistent paths by my parents, so I really don't want to make the same mistakes they did. I wonder if Annie can get into credit card debt yet? Fortunately, she does not seem to have the same communication issues that the Poulas' have, she always lets me know when she wants something. I will take small victories like that and rolling over, and worry about the big things as they come along.

We also went to the supermarket today, which if I do on schedule (within 30 minutes of eating,) works out pretty well. Unlike my wife, I'm not much of a food browser, so I get in and out. This is why I make sure that when we are grocery shopping it is just the two of us. Annie just sleeps in her carrier the whole time while I try and stop old ladies from sticking their fingers in her mouth. This is rarely a challenge in the New York Metro, but in the south people are very comfortable putting their hands on your kids prior to asking. A woman today stopped me and pulled back the fabric around Annie's face saying, "let me see that little baby." It sounds even crazier when I type it, but she was completely harmless. As I've said, I'm a bit of an anomaly down here.

We did have a little fun after grocery shopping when we went next door to see our new friend who owns a cute little baby store on Line Avenue. She got a chance to hold Annie for the first time today (she usually only sees the top of her head in her carrier) and Annie promptly pooped on her. Nice job kid.

Right now Annie is napping, er, crying, so I am going to cut this short and pick up later with a follow up to a New Orleans post I wrote a couple of weeks back.


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