October 23, 2007

Shreveport in Pictures

I drive around town a lot while running errands during the week, and because Annie is yet to start talking to me, I wind up paying more attention to the sights than anything else. Every now and then something catches my eye. From now on I will start documenting the things I enjoy and post them here. This first group of pictures details some of my favorite signage here in town. This collection demonstrates my love of grammar, immature jokes and a few of the little nuances of Shreveport. Enjoy.

Just think, you only need to figure out the area code and its 24/7 Heaven!

Immature? Probably, but is it a coincidence that the town's frisbee golf courses are located here?

Like squeezing cantaloupe at the market!

Draw your own conclusions on this one.

Where my wife preps for a tough Thursday at the office.


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