October 11, 2007

Happy Daddy, Happy Baby, Happy Daddy

Annabelle gave me her first gift last night. She came out of left field with it, and I was so caught off guard that my heart almost stopped. She slept for 10 hours straight. We put her to bed at 8 O’clock and at 4:30 I woke up in a panic, assuming the worst. I ran into her room and placed my hand lightly over her chest to feel if she was breathing, and even though I wasn’t, she was. I tiptoed back to bed with a giant shit eating grin on my face and lay there for a few minutes before peaceably drifting back to sleep. At 6:00 she finally stirred and I came into her room to see her smiling face. This was a face that new what a gift she had bestowed on me. That baby loves me.

Yes, I know I should temper my excitement and refer back to my own post from September 27th. Don’t worry I won’t be fooled this time. I will take last night for exactly what it was…a gift. It was also however, a glimpse of the future. I think this is the reason she did it. I was losing hope and becoming pretty negative about our nighttime routine. So my little girl gave me new life last night, and I can forge ahead knowing one day in the future I will again sleep for more than three hours in a row. Who knows when that will be? Not even Annie. You can bet it won’t be tonight, but I can see it there on the horizon.

Consequently, today my Wife and I broke out our “CSI The Game” and pored over last night’s bedtime routine for answers. We went through everything from amount of formula ingested—170 cc’s, to EBT—estimated bed time, to approximate household temperature—75° Fahrenheit. Everything checked out the same as all previous nights except for one thing. Our household was operating under a new level of ease and contentedness, and Annie quite clearly felt it. There was a weight lifted off of our shoulders. Jimmy McNulty survived season one of The Wire, thus ending our five day, thirteen hour binge of one of the most detailed, poignant shows ever made.

This show is Homicide: Life on the Street on steroids. Finally, something positive has come out of a great show getting cancelled. The Wire is so good that over the last five days there wasn’t a night that my wife and I didn’t go to bed discussing the next day’s strategy for taking down Avon, and rehashing everything we did wrong that night to have allowed his crew to stay free another day. I’ve been working on speaking with McNulty’s affect the all week and I’ll save you the time, it’s impossible, a lost cause. Where is that guy from?

By the way, I realize that I’m terribly late to this bandwagon, but better late than never, no? No matter, I’m high on a show that for once cuts no corners and pulls no punches. All that needs to happen for me to die a satisfied television viewer is for Aaron Sorkin to make a new show based on Sports Night, for David Milch to finish Deadwood, and lastly for The Hills to never air again…sorry Honey.

Editor’s Note: Dominic West, who plays Jimmy McNulty, is from Yorkshire, England. Huh.


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