September 26, 2007

A little rest

Yesterday, on a hunch, I decided to up the amount of formula that Annie drinks in a sitting to six ounces. The goal of the increase was to try and limit the number of times she eats in one day. The bonus of the increase (one that I secretly suspected) was that after the feeding, she would curl up in a ball like her dad on the couch after a thorough Thanksgiving gorging. You know what? It worked.

She ate at 7 am when she woke up, had a little snack at 11 am after receiving her three month vaccinations, then again at 3 pm and lastly at 8 pm before bed. Now, this was fine and dandy during the day, I got a lot of writing done. However, the proverbial proof in my baby's pudding would come at night. And wouldn't you know it; she slept from 8:45 until 2 am Whoa!

Not only that, but she went to bed with very little coaxing, because she has at last decided which would be her soothing digit of choice...and the winner is...the thumb! Classic choice Annabelle, a little prosaic, but a strong choice nonetheless. It's no upside down index and middle finger like your Aunt Katie, and it can never replace all the mileage you got out of my pinkies, but it seems like it will give your old man some much needed rest.

The down side was that she didn't sleep much between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. because she was so in love with her new opposable buddy that she stayed up for two hours loudly chomping and slurping him.

Okay, so for all of you scoring at home that is three milestones this week: One, the ultra athletic roll over, two, the dexterous thumb suck, and three, the big sleep. Nice week Annabelle Harper Poulas, what’s next…talking?


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