June 26, 2008

We've been robbed

I'm sure that Proctor and Gamble put the finest scientists in the world on this data, but I truly doubt that Phoenix is the sweatiest city in America. Isn't it a dry heat? All of the sweat in Phoenix must immediately evaporate, whereas here in the humidity of Louisiana our sweat hangs on us like so much honey.

Let's face it, we here in Shreveport have been slighted. 7th, for crying out loud? We were beat out by the likes of Waco. How many people could possibly live in Waco? Band together and sweat, Shreveport.

If this study were done again when we were all leaning over our crawfish pots, I think you'd see a better showing. That's it, I'm going out into this fair city and taking pictures of all the pit stains I can find and sending my results to the fair minded folks at P&G. We will be redeemed.

On a related note, Shreveport-Bossier was ranked the 10th most dangerous metropolitan area in the U.S. What is more surprising, that we were 10th, or that we are considered a metro area right along with the New York tri-state area?


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