June 23, 2008


Mmm. I woke up feeling different today. The sun seemed to welcome me to a new week and the alarm was not my enemy. The fresh sheets I put on the bed last night, though crazy soft, weren’t holding my head to the pillow. I couldn’t wait to spring forth, make some coffee, kiss my babies, and whack some golf balls. But my now weekly date with the old dodgers at Olde Oaks wasn’t the reason this suddenly spry 32 year old was so damn giddy.

Ready? I have slept without interruption the last two nights. Suddenly, my old eight hours have returned, and so has my ability to rise. If you ask anyone close to me, I have always had a knack for sleeping. I’m kind of an anywhere anytime sort of guy. Pre-baby, I was out within a minute of hitting the pillow. I’m not kidding. So this new life in which I struggle to fall asleep and then get startled awake once, or twice, or in the old days, three times a night, really wasn’t agreeing with me.

However, Annie has been on a bit of a role and I’m reaping the benefits. Couple that with the fact that I have been blasting the house with more air conditioning than ever—don’t worry Annie’s vents are closed and she is toasty—and the old Joe is back baby!

I’m ready to conquer the world. Wait. What? I’m having another baby? And it just took a year for Annie to figure this out. Eh, what’s another year without sleep?


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