October 25, 2007

Tummy Time

A strange thing happened today when I put Annie in her crib so I could stir something on the stove. She rolled over on her belly, as is her wont nowadays, and promptly fell soundly asleep. We are raising her in a time where sleeping on your stomach is a major no-no, so she has only slept on her back from day one. One of Annie’s Grandmas has been telling me to try this for months now, but when you are told that a simple action can kill your child you aren’t easily swayed. However, like most parents I am beginning to trust Annie more and more to not die by way of some freak incident, e.g., suffocation, choking, fever, cold, drowning in the tub, etc. Therefore I think I will give this tummy thing a whirl tonight. The only issue is that she throws up when on her belly if she has just eaten.

Since we are on the topic of my bringing about my daughter’s demise, I should tell you one of the reasons for her constant constipation. Last week we switched from Enfamil formula to the generic equivalent, and from Wal-Mart no less. Those of you that know me personally, I know what you are thinking. I wouldn’t buy anything for myself from Wal-Mart, ever. So why did we choose to do this for Annie. First, in the research that my wife and I did, all of the comparable formulas are in nutritional makeup, identical. They are also strictly regulated by the FDA. The difference, that poor Annie’s overtaxed derrière has shown us, is in the “filler.” Different companies, from name brand to generic, toy with the amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Clearly something in the new formula is binding up Annie’s insides. We are going to give this formula another few days and if her constipation continues, I think it will be time to switch back.

Lastly for today, I leave you with some pictures of Annie at bathtime; her calmest time of day.


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