October 24, 2008

I Hate Cute


Things were a little better last night. Tilda drank five ounces of formula at bedtime(the usual is four) and two scoops of cereal. This seemed to make her the desired degree of catatonic. Maybe tonight I'll go for six.

We took the girls to their Grandma's school today to show them off to all her friends and, as is her wont, Annie was a woman of the people. At one point she was walking down the hall through a sea of 12 year olds, slapping everybody five and blowing kisses. Maybe I'll write in Annabelle Poulas instead of Mike Bloomberg.

While we were there, one of the students was surprised to see us sitting in his classroom and upon being told that there was a cute little girl there he said, "I hate cute," and promptly took his seat. Even a baby has to work hard to win some of them over.


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