October 26, 2007


This morning was Annie’s four month checkup with her pediatrician. Most parents dread the early visits, because they inevitably mean shots. There are somewhere north of 20 vaccinations that children need in the first few years, and I’m sure that they begin to associate a trip to the doctor’s with the Band-Aid on their thigh each time they leave. Adding to this, we have also chosen to limit the number of vaccinations that Annie gets at one time. Therefore Annie gets a shot, or two, every month, while other babies get multiple shots every other month. Our reasoning for this spread out schedule is the possible link with vaccinations and autism. While most vaccines no longer contain Thimerosal (only the flu vaccine does in the U.S.) we would still like to be better able to isolate any issue that arises after one of these visits.

The good news for us is that my little fighter only cries for a minute or two after receiving her shots. The process is definitely worse for her mother and me. This morning, the shock on her face at receiving a second jab of pain while still recovering from the first, made me well up a bit. Still, my pinky in her mouth and a few loud cries later, and she was good to go. Next month we get to do it all over again.

We also found out this morning that Annie’s thunder thighs are not just for show. She tipped the scales today at 13 lbs. 4 oz. This weight firmly places her in the 50th percentile for weight. If y'all remember, she took an entire month to eclipse her birth weight and was at one point below the 25th percentile. Now I’m worried that if she keeps eating at this pace she will gain too much. To think that we are going to start solids one day soon. She will look Andre the Giant (sorry, I just watched the Princess Bride) before you know it. Fortunatley, her height and head size were also up considerably since the last visit which points to a simple growth spurt. You go Annie.


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