August 14, 2008

Thursday Night

It's Thursday night. My family leaves for a two week vacation on Saturday morning at 4 a.m. We are headed to Surfside (just south of Myrtle) Beach. As you can imagine, taking two youngins on a beach vacation is going to be,um, eye opening. Somehow, I don't think that I will come back with an amazing tan. I wonder if I will ever leave the house.

We will have Internet access, so I'll make sure to post pictures of Annie eating sand and all of our bleary, sleep deprived eyes.

If I don't post as often as I do while in New Jersey, check out the blog of my sister-in-law Dani who now resides in New Zealand. I'm sure that she will have an interesting perspective on what should be a very interesting place. All I'll say is that in the etiquette section of her guide book there was a warning against using the toilet while standing on top of it. Weird.


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